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The Management of DTEA Schools, New Delhi

The seven senior secondary DTEA Schools in New Delhi, which are located at Mandir Marg, Lodi Estate, Lakshmi Bai Nagar, Moti Bagh, Pusa Road (Karol Bagh), R.K. Puram and Janakpuri, are managed by the Delhi Tamil Education Association (DTEA), a body registered under the Societies Registration Act. An eighth school is being constructed at Mayor Vihar Phase-3 wherein Delhi Development Authority has allotted a plot measuring 8087 sq. m.

The office bearers of the Association, who are duly elected by the General Body of the Association in elections held every two years, include a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary and a Treasurer. Besides, each school is represented by a Joint Secretary, a Governing Body Member and a Panel Member who are also elected. The office-bearers who were elected in the last elections held in 2012 are indicated in the document at ( click here for DTEA Office-bearers)

The Presidents and the Secretaries of the DTEA who held office right from inception are indicated in the document at (click here for DTEA Presidents-Secretaries)The current General Secretary of the DTEA is Mr. Ramaswamy Raju (2010 – ).

The DTEA Schools

The DTEA schools are aided minority institutions, owned and managed by the DTEA at Lodi Estate. The schools, though meant primarily for Tamils, also accept other residents of Delhi.

The schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education and are recognized by the Directorate of Education, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi. Four languages — English, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit — are taught in the seven schools.

These schools have provided education to south Indians in Delhi, particularly Tamils. It has attracted students from other communities as well, particularly at the high school stage where Tamil is not a compulsory subject.

History of the Delhi Tamil Education Association (DTEA)

The DTEA was registered initially as the Madrasi Education Association (MEA) in 1919 in Shimla by a group of Tamilians working for the British Government who wanted to teach their children traditional Tamil values.

While the first school was being established in 1923, the small community in Delhi raised funds for the second building by way of small voluntary contributions. Today the DTEA consists of seven senior secondary schools with over 7,000 students and 500 teachers.

• 1923: On Vijayadasami Day, the first Madrasi Education Association School was established in Shimla, with one teacher and one student.

• 1924: In January, a primary school was opened in New Delhi.

• 1925: The school was recognized by the education authority.

• 1931: The school was given accommodation in the municipal school buildings on Mandir Marg (then known as Reading Road).

• 1945: Construction of a new building was started.

• 1946: The higher secondary department was started.

• 1949: The first batch of students appeared for the Delhi Higher Secondary Examination.

• 1950: The Silver Jubilee of the Association was celebrated on March 5.

• 1951: A new primary school at Lodi Estate was opened.

• 1953: Another primary school was opened at Karol Bagh.

• 1955: Construction of a school commenced at Lodi Estate,

• 1956: The higher secondary classes from Mandir Marg moved to Lodi Estate.

• 1958: A middle school at Lakshmi Bai Nagar (then known as East Vinay Nagar) was opened.

• 1959: The Mandir Marg School was raised to the status of a higher secondary school.

• 1960: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India, laid the foundation stone of the Lakshmi Bai Nagar School.

• 1961: The Moti Bagh Primary School was opened.

• 1962: The Lakshmibai Nagar School was upgraded to higher secondary status.

• 1963: The Karol Bagh School was upgraded to higher secondary level.

• 1964: A primary school was opened at R. K. Puram.

• 1966: The school in Moti Bagh was raised to secondary level.

• 1968: The primary school at R.K. Puram was upgraded to higher secondary level.

• 1970: The school in Moti Bagh was raised to higher secondary level.

• 1972: The name of the association was changed from Madrasi Education Association (MEA) to Delhi Tamil Education Association (DTEA), and the schools were renamed as DTEA Schools.

• 1975: With due deference to the wishes of the Janakpuri Tamil Association the DTEA formally took over the school at Janakpuri.

Financial Support The school is funded by the Delhi Administration to the extent of 95% and the rest is met from the annual donations from parents of students.