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How to Donate to the Trust

Contributions towards the Trust’s activities can be made in Indian or foreign currency. They can be either towards the Trust’s general fund pool or towards a particular project. The former is meant for use at the Trust’s discretion for any of its activities in support of the schools, including supplementing funding by alumni groups towards specific projects when there is a shortfall.

The Trust is a registered body under the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA). So the Trust now can accept donations from foreign citizens and foreign entities as well. All contributions by resident Indians will be eligible for tax exemption under Section 80 G of the IT Act.

The contributions may be sent either by (a) a crossed cheque/DD by post; or, by (b) etransfer. The procedure is simple, but steps must be strictly followed:

(a) Crossed cheque/DD should be made in favour of DTEA Alumni Trust and posted to the address given below:

DTEA Alumni Trust, 804, Sahyog Building, 58, Nehru Place, New Delhi — 110 019, INDIA.

If your contribution is towards any specific project then kindly mention ‘For Project CONVERSE’ or ‘Project Nutrition’, or whatever, on the back of the cheque/DD. Kindly also provide your name, nationality/citizenship, school branch and batch (if you are an alumnus), mailing address and PAN (if you have one) on the back of the cheque/DD. Once the cheque/DD is honoured, the Trust will send the tax exemption certificate along with the receipt for the contribution.

(b) For electronic transfer of contributions (NEFT, RTGS etc.) to the Trust account, the account details can be obtained from the Trustee Mr. Srikanth Chakravarthy, who manages the Trust finances, by sending a mail to him with all the details about the donor, including name, branch and batch (if an alumnus), address, PAN and nationality/citizenship,and whether the donation is for the pool or is project-specific, at either the Trust email ID dteaalumni@yahoo.com or his personal ID sc@rcadelhi.com. This is to ensure that, as required under the FCRA, separate accounts are maintained for donations from Indian and foreign citizens. One’s citizenship is defined by the country whose passport the person holds, and nothing else.

It is also earnestly requested that donors, having once received the account details, do not share that information with others for the following reasons:

(i) as mandated under the FCRA, donations from Indian and foreign citizens should not be mixed and

(ii) it becomes difficult to trace anonymous donations by e-transfer.