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DTEA Centenary Celebrations

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students, alumni and well-wishers of the MEA-DTEA Family.

The tiny spark ignited by our founder teacher, Sh. P.H SUNDARESA IYER with one student in the year 1923, has spread into a wild fire encompassing eight schools and over 7000 students and spreading the light of knowledge to the Children in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

To Celebrate this historic event, we are pleased to announce the MEA-DTEA Centenary Celebrations 2023. We have decided that the celebrations will be spread out through out the year of 2023 with multiple events.

We are pleased to inform you that we have formed a Centenary celebrations committee consisting of Principals, teachers and Alumni of the school. This will consist of a core committee and various sub-committees who will be tasked to transform thoughts into action.

Through this announcement, I appeal to the Alumni to come forward and be a part of the celebrations committee as an organiser, or as a fund raiser, or as a participant. Alumni who cannot be physically present in Delhi during the planning stage are welcome to get in touch with the Principals and share their thoughts. We need the whole hearted participation of the Teachers, Principals, Students and last but not the least, the Alumni to make this celebrations a grand success.

You will see more announcements in the coming days and weeks of the activities planned. We request the Alumni to share anecdotes, photographs, articles, memories of their school days. It will be our endeavour to upload the contributions in our web site and publish interesting stories and photographs in the souvenir planned for the event. Details of persons to be contacted for sharing your story or photograph will be shared shortly in a separate communication.

We are also planning to hold various sports competitions during the centenary year. Suggestions are welcome.  

We also call on Alumni to arrange local meets and functions in their own cities across the country and across the globe during the centenary year. 

At times in our lives, the light dims or there is a total blackout, but it is not the end, it is a period of waiting for that spark from a school mate, a spark that rekindles the joys of life and friendship. It is an opportunity to meet old friends who you thought were lost forever. Let 2023 be a year to rejoice and celebrate the good memories of your school. 

This is just an announcement of the celebrations. The details of the various events will be worked out during the coming weeks and inputs from Alumni, Present and past teachers, and students will be welcome.

The school is indebted to the alumni who have shown tremendous support and committed various resources during the past years. IT will be great if we are able to release a stunning Coffee table book to celebrate our centenary. We request the whole hearted efforts from the MEA-DTEA family to explore on this suggestion.

I am sure that the MEA-DTEA family will come forward and plan music, dance, drama and cultural programs to celebrate the centenary year. Details of more focussed groups will be announced shortly.

Let the planning begin for the 2023 Celebrations.

For any query or suggestions, please reach out to meadteacentenary23@gmail.com