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About Us

The Trust was registered in Delhi in November 2002 (click here to see document on Trust Details for further information) with the objective of extending assistance to the schools to further the cause of education. The Trust is governed by a 12-member Board that interacts with the school administration and the school principals to know of their requirements (click here to see document on current Board members). Depending on the Trust’s financial capacity, given the limited funds that the Trust could raise, work is prioritized and this is accordingly carried out.. As a matter of Principle, there are no money transactions between Trust and the school administration. Thus the modus operandi is to identify appropriate contractors/suppliers and the get the work carried out under the Board’s supervision and the contractors/suppliers paid directly by the Board.

The Trust has been carrying out work, after getting a written permission from the DTEA school administration,  in all the seven schools mainly in the form of infrastructure repairs, eg. Repairs and replacement of furniture, doors, windows, toilets, seepage repairs, repainting, civil repairs, Electrical rewiring, blackboards, computers, fans and lights. The trust is also proud that it has provided solar power to some of the branches and other infrastructural assistance like construction of toilet block, roof repairs etc. sought by the different schools from time to time. (click here to see document on year-wise expenditure). The source of funds for the Trust has been chiefly contributions from individuals. The Trust appreciates the assistance being provided by many individual alumni and alumni groups of a particular branch or batch. It will however, be the endeavor of the Trust to channelize such efforts through the offices of the Trust so as prioritize the work, execution is better co-ordinated and to avoid duplication. This also benefits the alumni donor, who can take benefit of income tax rebates available under 80G by routing his donations through the Trust. A total assistance of about Rs. 2.40 crores has been provided by the Trust since inception. The Trust and the Alumni are certainly capable of a great deal more. Hence the periodic appeals by the Trust to the alumni for contributions (see the latest Appeal).

The Trust also organized two mega cultural events to raise money, a three-day grand Carnatic Music Programme in Delhi in November 2003 and a programme of Tribute to Legends of Hindi and Tamil film music in Chennai in October 2006. These efforts were only partially successful as the Trust discovered that it is a tremendous task to organize such events particularly because of shortage of hands to handle the different components involved in these. More pertinently, the Trust found that the returns were not commensurate with the effort put in. The Trust is aware that such events can, in principle, raise huge funds but the bottom line for this to happen is all round participation from the alumni both in extending assistance as well in attending these in large numbers. So in recent times the Trust has only been collecting funds in the form of individual donations and contributions. The Trust has also instituted various scholarships to deserving students at the high-school level from the generous donation made by individuals for this specific purpose.

The Trust’s website www.dtea-alumni.org enables the alumni to register and interact with each other.. The registration on the website is open to all. In fact, the Trust strongly urges all alumni to register on the website. The Trust is not like any association that would require a person to pay to become a member There is no membership fee or any mandatory contribution that an individual has to make to the Trust. It is just to have as complete an alumni database as possible at one place, to keep in touch with one’s friends and to know what they are doing. The website also aims to provide information of events/get-togethers by various batches, newsletters from time to time, a list of achievers – to feel proud about our alma mater, the contact details of Teachers for the alumnus to contact them easily.

Alumni are free to contribute to the Trust, make suggestions and actively participate in the projects undertaken by the Trust. The trust also needs assistance for writing content for updating the website, take part in campaigns for donations, suggest vendors for various projects and monitor execution of the projects.

The Trust hopes that the alumni will support the Trust’s efforts in greater numbers for it to succeed in its objective, which is to make our alma mater a better place for the pupils of the present and the future. Please feel free to share your thoughts on bringing in improvements that can benefit the children studying in the DTEA Schools.  Connect with us on our email id’s dteaalumni@yahoo.com or dteaschools.alumni@gmail.com