About Banyan

The DTEA Alumni Trust has been executing different projects based on requests from the Association, the schools, Trust’s own deliberations and proposals from alumni who interact with the Trust on an individual basis. But there was no forum or platform for the DTEA/MEA alumni to come together to discuss various issues concerning the schools. Having such a platform would make for improved generation of ideas and their execution for the benefit of the schools and children. It would at the same time serve as an interface between the Trust and the Alumni in general.

Banyan is such a forum where the alumni can meet on a regular basis to have freewheeling discussions on ways to improve the functioning of schools. They can then identify areas and projects where they can contribute effectively, and for which adequate finances can be mobilized, which could eventually be implemented by the Trust.

The Banyan forum was first conceived in June 2013 in Bengaluru shortly before the allalumni get-together there, which was held at the Bangalore Press Club in September 2013. The get-together enabled a comprehensive database of Bengaluru-based DTEA/MEA alumni to be compiled, which formed the basis for the first meeting of Banyan Bangalore in February 2015. Since then Banyan Bangalore has been meeting regularly on the last Sunday of every month. The nodal alumni for Banyan Bangalore are Ramnath Cowsik (1965-LE; +91-9916656285) and V. K. Varadarajan (1967-MM; +91-9845047857) and the contact email ID is banyan2016@gmail.com.

Following the success and popularity of the Banyan forum in Bengaluru, a similar one in Delhi was mooted in October 2016. Thus Banyan Delhi was born and it had its meeting on December 25, 2016. Since then, like in Bengaluru, Banyan Delhi has been meeting regularly every month at one of the DTEA Schools on a round-robin basis. Delhi being the place where the schools are located, the alumni can get first-hand information about the needs of the different schools and also can gain feedback from the schools on the impact of the projects initiated. The nodal person for Banyan Delhi is R. Sukumar (1967; LBN) and its contact email ID is delhibanyan@gmail.com. Banyan Delhi also has a WhatsApp group and if you would like be included in it, kindly provide your contact and other details to the Banyan Delhi coordinator Sukumar or the WhatsApp administrator Bhanu Ravi (1965-LBN, +91-9811209390).

Given the above stated objective of the Banyan forum, it would be wonderful if similar Banyan groups come up in different parts across the world. We, the Trustees, therefore, appeal to alumni in different parts of the world to put in efforts to create Banyan groups wherever a good number of alumni can meet as regularly as possible. All that is needed is to identify an alumnus coordinator who can pilot and organize its periodic meetings, which need not necessarily be once every month. Chennai, which can boast of the largest number of resident DTEA alumni, is yet to identify someone who can start and run Banyan Chennai.

Sushil Sharma, the alumnus who originated the Banyan idea (1981- LE; sushil.sharma@stratadigm.biz; 9731766466), has recently moved from Bengaluru to Mumbai, and has volunteered to try and start a Banyan chapter there. Similarly, Karthik Bhanu (1990-Janakpuri; karthikbhanu@essentra.com; karthisathome@gmail.com; 9845065984, who has recently moved to Kolkata has offered to initiate the Banyan process there. By its very nature, Banyan is an open forum and all alumni are automatically its members. But what is expected of the alumni is that they actively participate in its meetings and also urge all their respective alumni contacts across batches and branches to do the same. Just drop in a line at the contact email IDs or send sms to the coordinating alumni so that you are informed about the meetings, activities and campaigns. Join and become part of the movement in greater numbers so that the DTEA Banyan grows into a mammoth tree. The Banyan pages in this DTEA/MEA alumni website will host regular information about Banyan meetings and its activities.


The DTEA Alumni Trust is not responsible for any communication to the alumni other than from dteaalumni@yahoo.com and dteaschools.alumni@gmail.com, and for any solicitation of donation/funds from the alumni by any individual, body or organisation other then the Trust itself. 

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